Sad news. Limeadestand Works is dead. Long live Limeadestand Works!

As you may (or may not) know, this blog, The Brand Fairy, is a service of Limeadestand Works, which is a business based in Northwest Oregon.

Usually, this blog provides useful, free resources and ideas for people who are serious about building their own brands but clueless as to how (or, they are just getting started). I try to keep the advertising and announcements to a minimum since Limeadestand Works is just a local business and perhaps you don’t live anywhere near us.

But today, I’d like to make a big(-ish) announcement using this forum:

Limeadestand Works is dead

It is out of business. As of this week, it has discontinued its operation as we know it. It is no longer advertising itself, marketing its products, or soliciting customers.

And I have another important announcement today:

Long live Limeadestand Works!

After nearly three frustrating years, I figured that it’s time to try something new. The prima facie evidence of idiocy is when we do the same thing over and over despite it has failed many times doing it the same way. Also, as Professor Noam Chomsky once famously said, if something is not accomplishing its stated purpose but it is still around, it must be accomplishing its unstated purpose.

That “unstated purpose,” for me, was an excuse for mediocrity. Three years ago, I was optimistic. I did not foresee the social and political turmoils that were about to plague the United States and the world-at-large. I let depression and anxiety take over my life. Owning a failed business that was barely functioning gave me a sorry excuse for not doing what should’ve been done. I’ve lost sight of the big picture, and I’ve lost my way.

Twenty years ago, I’ve sacrificed my future by allowing depression and anxiety to hijack God’s will for me and instead find escape in delusions. I am not about to repeat that again.

Have I become a ‘libertarian legend’? I thought I was just a creepy loser.

Undeniably, there are insurmountable challenges.

Frankly, I’m abnormal. I openly admit to that fact. Very few people take someone like me seriously. I’ve never had a day of normal adult life. A drop-out, neurodivergent, practically unemployable, queer and POC, I hit a “royal straight flush” of abnormality. A majority of people get creeped out at first sight and avoid me like plague, despite their surface tolerance of me. I am not fooled by them, and they’re not fooled by me, either.

I’ve spent many years in denial and got nowhere.

But I know me, and my indomitable spirit. Twenty years ago this month, my father disowned me and therefore I forfeited my guaranteed path to becoming a millionaire. For 13 years, that is, 50 percent of my adult life, I was homeless. During those years, I’ve never panhandled and I’ve never consumed addictive substances. I did not go to a soup kitchen or checked in to a shelter–even when the temperature was 8 degrees. I kept a low profile, and I survived on the small income I generated through various hustles that were entirely legal. One year, I self-published a guidebook on how to live in Portland on a shoestring, put it up for sale on my rather primitive Web site and people actually bought copies of them. Soon, I was invited to speak at groups and events to talk about frugal living. Another year, I got myself a self-storage unit, collected unsold items that people were practically giving away after their yard sales (such as appliances, DVDs, houseware, clothing) and resold them on eBay for a pretty good profit. For two years, I was a window painter and the business was great especially during the holiday seasons. I stayed out of troubles. I held my head high and I crashed many chambers of commerce meetings and networking events, meeting lots of business leaders and political figures along the way. The fact remains this: I chose freedom and independence over all other options, despite the inherent risks and outright foolishness.

Unwittingly, I have managed to become an embodiment of a libertarian dream–existing nearly entirely outside the “system,” almost like an independent nation of one. I did not plan on this, but now this is a big part of who I am, whether I like it or not.

Not surprisingly, running this business like the normies did not work for me and it’s time for me to stop this stupidity. Pretending to be otherwise isn’t helping anyone.

Introducing Limeadestand Works 2.0: membership-based services to build community, relationship, and mutual aid network

Therefore, I would like to announce the activation of a new Limeadestand Works. The new Limeadestand Works no longer is open to the general public but is only for members and by referrals.

Effective this week, every Web page contains this notice: “Except for public outreach events, services, and products provided through Limeadestand {Art|Media}Works are intended for members of the Creative Liberation Union community. Services and products described herein are not available to the general public and are intended only for the qualified members of the CLU and to individuals personally referred or invited by them.”

First, there are already a handful of firms in the Portland metropolitan area offering similar services and products, and they are better resourced and far more competent. After two years of futile attempts at outmaneuvering them in competition, I decided that it wasn’t worth time or effort, which should be better spent with people who would genuinely benefit from what Limeadestand Works has to offer. My time is finite, and I am running this business while also being a graduate student (for too many years already, trying to finish my degree soon!). I’m not in this to be rich, but I’m in this business for a lasting social and cultural impact. After a long episode of severe depression, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is quality that matters, and not just how many sales I make or how much money I earn. Therefore, I have made a decision to take this business “private.”

Second, I have long struggled to uphold the highest standard of ethical integrity while being in this line of work. Like many other values-driven entrepreneurs, I have had concerns about the kind of message I was hired to promote, that ultimately were unjust, exploitative, deceptive, or oppressive. By limiting my practice to members of an association that upholds a certain set of ethical standards and stated core values, it is hoped that Limeadestand Works remains a socially-conscious enterprise that advocates for the marginalized and the outcast while upholding the pro-freedom, anti-oppression values.

I would like to close this by extending my invitation to the membership in the brand-new Creative Liberation Union. Membership is free, but comes with many benefits! To learn more about the CLU, check out our newly redesigned Web site:

Thank you,


p.s.: This blog will continue to be published as it has been. There will be no change to The Brand Fairy.